Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator 2013

All the fun of the farm on your PC


  • New environment


  • Vehicles move unrealistically
  • Dull, undynamic graphics
  • Very slow gameplay

Not bad

Farming Simulator 2013 follows previous games, offering a range of simulated farming activities. Manage your farm in an open world environment, using licensed vehicles and tools.

Your overall goal is to make money which you can invest in improving your farm. The improved graphics are still more functional than realistic - vehicles only leave a mark on the ground when you are ploughing etc. The farming equipment, from real manufacturers like Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Same, Horsch and Amazone, are as slow as you would expect, but don't feel realistic.

You can crash your tractor into a barn without damaging it either. The environment in general still feels stale. For a simulator about farming, a more dynamic environment would be much more suitable. As it stands, work in Farming Simulator 2013 is pretty dull. You'll never feel you are fighting against the elements, but rather just going through the motions.

Farming Simulator 2013 isn't a massive improvement for the series. The graphics still look out dated, and the overall experience is lacking character. If you enjoyed previous entries, you'll like this, but it doesn't offer much for anyone else.

Farming Simulator 2013


Farming Simulator 2013

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